Angus Mudge, “Hidden Doorways”
January 30 – March 2, 2022
Opening Reception
Sunday, January 30,  4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Graciously hosted by the Norfolk Library Associates

Hidden Doorways, an exhibit of the photographs of Angus Mudge, will be on display at the Norfolk Library during the month of February. Based in Vermont, Angus is the son of Kristin and Grant Mudge. The photographs in this series are mostly of moving water, rocks, trees, and reflected light. They were taken primarily in Vermont and Connecticut, including several taken here in Norfolk. Angus describes his work and philosophy as an artist:

“Hidden Doorways is an abstract nature photography series, guided by a personal philosophy that emphasizes a relationship with nature. This includes the aesthetic belief that the materials we work with derive the true depth of their beauty from the gifts of their nature, and the changes we make are just the finishing touches. In this spirit, I strive to build with natural materials in their original, created forms in many aspects of my life. In photography, this means I choose to present my photos completely unretouched: untampered evidence of the artwork I’ve witnessed in the woods and water, as interpreted by a camera, and framed out of context to allow the easily overlooked aspects to speak for themselves.
In abstract photography, an otherwise recognizable subject is often presented without the usual clues as to what it is, creating a mystery for the eye and allowing the imagination to fill in the blanks. I am intrigued by the scenes nature can create, the breadth of color schemes and compositions that can be found in a single material. Some of these images remind me of abstract or impressionist paintings. Others look to me like pictographs telling a long and interesting story; and I’m often surprised that someone else can look at the same picture and tell a much different story.
Exploring the shapes and patterns in nature with our eyes can highlight both the profundity and the flaws of human interpretation. Moreover, it can show us that the world around us is intricate, complex, alive, beautiful, and very real.”
Please join us for the opening reception for the artist. Masks are required, and beverages will be served. Thank you for your support!