Health Care and Rights in America
A four week seminar with Kim Maxwell
Mondays, 5:00-7:00pm; September 25, October 2, 9 (off-site), and 23.

Health care is not a right in the United States by any legal standard. But should it be? If it were, what public policy questions would follow? This four week seminar will begin by following the history of rights in America going back to Magna Carta and up through the Constitution. The second meeting will explore the expansion of rights under the Fourteenth Amendment (1868).  The third meeting will cover the history of health care in America, while the last will explore answers to the question “What if  health care were a right?” and consequent public policy issues.  We will read from various source documents, Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke, some Supreme Court cases, and materials compiled by the seminar’s leader.  The seminar is not intended to promote any particular political answer, but rather to create a more nuanced notion of what constitutes a right and the puzzles that follow for something as complex as health care.
Please call the Library to register for this seminar: 860-542-5075.